It's almost annoyingly simple... at least to some extend

It sounds so cliche I don't even want to say it - but education, as always. Only someone that has a decent idea of what the idea of web3 is and how it has the potential to really improve upon some of the web2 problems will be able to think about web3 projects in a differentiated way. Only an educated user will be able to differentiate between a "good" web3 project and a blatantly obvious get-rich-quick scheme... But I guess this will take some time. For Bitcoin it took years until the first credible proponents with reach emerged that publicly spoke out in favor of it. For web3 this might still take some time


I actually have a piece on this lined up. I think "education" is indeed very relevant, but likely not in the rather techy and/or philosophical way that was common a while ago.

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Yay! You have seen it all

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