Monetizing an Audience, Leveraging NFTs, and Facebook Advertising - Ask a Creator Economist 10

2023-05-11 12:00 AM by Spotify–  3m read

Thanks for listening, please like and subscribe! 0:00-Intro: new updates on Unyfy and boosting productivity

3:20-Question 1: Julia needs help with breaking through ceilings and how to monetize her following and creating a community

12:40-Continue fishing where the fish are and grow your channel diversity

13:30-Types of community value propositions to give to your community

16:35-A few ideas on what you can offer to your community

20:15-Subscriptions can be a great place to start and use NFTs as an access pass

23:50-Using user promotions, moderator rewards, and more to give users awards for contributions

30:15-Ron gives some advice on how to connect and relate to people instead of "selling" to them

32:45-Question 2: Mike is a classic car enthusiast who wants to introduce NFTs around advice for mechancis

35:20-Unique or limited edition goods are the fundamentals of NFTs

37:32-Create NFT collections based on themes or categories

39:40-Reward activity and engagement with NFT collectibles and entice them to return

44:32-Question 3: Spencer runs an eCommerce brand and wants to get involved with facebook advertising

45:25-The most important part to advertising is product-market-fit and matching personas

47:05-Your advertising has to be tuned for each individual persona and it helps if its data-driven

48:25-How to create personas from existing sales and how to establish a persona that you would like to sell to

50:15-Creating audiences in Facebook 53:15-Facebook demographic targeting is robust and you can go deep down

55:10-Track and optimize your ads as you increase budget Thanks for listening! Try Unyfy to build a web3 community today! With Unyfy, you can launch your own web3 application that fans will love. You can easily launch and distribute your own creator token, create premium content and experiences, drop NFT collections, and engage your fans with votings, AMAs, and more. At its core, the app is built to maximize the connection between you and your fans. Happily used by Borussia Dortmund, Dennis Schroeder, and more. Learn more here: Submit a question on Ask a Creator Economist A podcast for creators, by creators. Join Ron Jaradat, Thomas Euler, Jonas Rubel, and special guests as we answer your most pressing questions about the creator economy. Submit your questions here: Find us on Social: --- 👨‍🍳 Your Hosts ⇛ Thomas on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Thomas on LinkedIn: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on LinkedIn: ⁠ ⇛ Jonas on Twitter: ⇛Jonas on LinkedIn:

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