Influencer Employee, Growing Subscribers and Scaling an Agency

2023-05-19 12:00 AM by Spotify–  2m read

Thanks for listening, please like and subscribe so you never miss an episode. 0:00-Intro: new updates on Unyfy and boosting productivity 3:20-Question 1: Marius, a professional athlete influencer was offered a job as a social media manager 5:12-People like to see brands authentically use content 8:30-Leverage your personal reach on the brand and position yourself as the spokesperson 12:35-Mutual growth will happen organically, just be yourself 16:44-Question 2: Sammy is an aspiring movie reviewer but unconfident in their abilities, wants advice on how to get better 18:15-Movie reviews is a moated niche because it is a credibility-driven industry and difficult to establish yourself 20:15-Ron gives some advice on how to get better at writing 22:20-Inspiration knows where to find me, write regularly 24:40-Find an editor to help you create better text 26:22-Find your persona and write to them 38:55-Question 3: Katherine is an agency owner and struggling to scale. How can she turn her agency into a real business? 40:00-Win back time. Try to implement tools to automate processes 43:55-Give a check. Great for content writing and productivity 45:25-Automate some of the more remedial tasks like data entry and admin 45:50-Contract fullfillment tasks and become a CEO 50:30-White label copywriting services to outsource fullfillment Thanks for listening! --- 👨‍🍳 Your Hosts ⇛ Thomas on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Thomas on LinkedIn: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on LinkedIn: ⁠ ⇛ Jonas on Twitter: ⇛Jonas on LinkedIn:

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