How to Optimize a Newsletter and Leveraging Niche Expertise - Ask a Creator Economist 08

2023-04-25 12:00 AM by Spotify–  2m read

Thanks for listening, please like and subscribe! 0:00-Intro: SpaceX launch, Love is Blind reunion blunder 6:25-Question 1: Patrick needs help with his Ultimate Frisbee newsletter open rates, growth, and conversion rates 9:00-Optimize your calls to action on your website 12:59-Leverage existing audience and ask for referrals 18:14-Audience segmentation can help you better communicate and reach your users 23:12-Relevance and timeliness of your content - pop culture? 37:40-Question 2: Anon sports business professional wants to become a content creator but not sure where to start 39:40-Provide a glimpse or access into the industry you work in (sports) 42:09-Write about what you are interested in and ALREADY doing 44:40-Share your dos and donts of some of the interesting parts of sports 46:10-Juggling your job with your side hustle: be clear about your goals 48:25-Establish a tone and personality Thanks for listening! Try Unyfy to build a web3 community today! With Unyfy, you can launch your own web3 application that fans will love. You can easily launch and distribute your own creator token, create premium content and experiences, drop NFT collections, and engage your fans with votings, AMAs, and more. At its core, the app is built to maximize the connection between you and your fans. Happily used by Borussia Dortmund, Dennis Schroeder, and more. Learn more here: Submit a question on Ask a Creator Economist A podcast for creators, by creators. Join Ron Jaradat, Thomas Euler, Jonas Rubel, and special guests as we answer your most pressing questions about the creator economy. Submit your questions here: Find us on Social: --- 👨‍🍳 Your Hosts ⇛ Thomas on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Thomas on LinkedIn: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on LinkedIn: ⁠ ⇛ Jonas on Twitter: ⇛Jonas on LinkedIn:

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