A LT Fan Platform Deep Dive | To Guest at the Sportstech Allstars Podcast 馃帶

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2022-05-26 8:25by Thomas

The other day, I was to geust at the to talk with Rhon Malhotra about web3 in the sports business, our work at Liquiditeam, and Manu Gin贸bili.

Rhon wanted to get really into the nitty-gritty of , our web3 CMS. Here's a quick breakdown of what we are talking about

  • LT Fan Platform 101
  • How sports clubs can use it and how we work with them
  • Our creator-focused self-service SaaS business
  • Why a modern CMS should offer not only publishing but also community management
  • How web3 enhances the user experience and gives brands, publishers, and creators more versatile business options
  • How you can use NFTs strategically vs opportunistically
  • Why your starting point for an NFT engagement shouldn't be making money but creating something valuable for your fans
  • My second favorite sports moment (though admittedly I was not well prepared and I forgot about a few others 馃槄)
  • Why I do have to avoid NBA playoff spoilers so hard

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